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06.24.13 @ 09:2510

Phnom Penh sunrise.

06.13.13 @ 06:514

Greetings from Cambodia! I’ve been silently traveling around after an excruciating turn of events. Life will never be the same, but it only gets better and the gift of travel is definitely one of the many reasons to look forward to tomorrow. I will be mainly in Cambodia for the next three months, but I’ll also be touring across Indochina when I get the chance. I’ll see you all again soon!

06.02.13 @ 12:202

Hello from Boracay! It’s been less than 5 months since I have last been on the island and here I am once again in one of my favorite places on Earth to cover the National Nestea Beach Volleyball Championship 2013.
You can read about my previous trip to Boracay here and here.

04.19.13 @ 00:533

~   Vince, The Following
A mother’s touch always does wonders to alleviate all heavy burdens, from scraped knees when we were little to broken hearts in our teenage years, and even the dilemmas we face as adults seem to melt away with just a touch from our mothers. 

(photo from a mother x daughter shoot I did last year)

04.06.13 @ 09:052

I felt the solid ground crumble beneath my feet. It’s funny how in one swift motion you go from knowing what you want, where you’re going, and knowing what to do to knowing nothing at all. A line of demarcation was drawn: the before and after the 1st of March. Before that day, I had my whole planned out and I banked on those plans with every fiber of my being, like it was a life-line. I put every single ounce of my devotion on those plans. But after that day, I have never felt so lost. All those blueprints I so carefully and painstakingly drafted was swept away in a space of a heartbeat. At the back of my head there’s a gas boy telling me, “Start zero, ma’am!”. Yes, zero plans, zero career, zero love life. Just a big fat zero for me. Starting over can be so hard.

03.22.13 @ 18:214